apr 28

Been very busy...

April 28, 2011
But plan on catching up soon!  Just wanted to post up to say it's a sad day to hear Best Motoring and HKS USA will be closing down.  Clearly the natural disasters in Japan are having a much bigger impact than many of us can realize not residing there.  Will update soon though, including photos from Hawaii!
apr 13

Prius sightings

April 13, 2011
Work Wheels USA has just updated their website's gallery with a photo of the Prius.

Wraptivo also posted up a photo on their Facebook page of the Prius at this past weekend's Formula Drift Long Beach event.

apr 09

Hawaii Panorama photos

April 9, 2011
Here's some neat panorama photos that I've taken throughout Maui. Two more days left on the vacation, so expect lots of updates next week with photos, restaurants I went to and much more.  Check out all the rest of the panorama photos after the break.

apr 06

Carpenter Wedding

April 6, 2011
Just some quick unedited photos that I took today. More to come when I get back and can clean some of them up. Congratulations to Adam and Sarah Carpenter!

apr 05

Breakfast of Champions

April 5, 2011
McDonald's local breakfast platter in Hawaii consists of spam, eggs, rice, Portuguese sausage and a side of soy sauce. I couldn't resist. It's actually pretty good!

apr 05


April 5, 2011
The idea of staying awake until midnight Hawaii time before falling asleep didn't work out so great. I woke up at 3:00am, fell back asleep and then woke up at 6:00am and gave up trying to sleep. Decided to get some work done before heading out for the day so I took the good 'ol laptop outside onto the balcony and enjoyed the view while doing some blogs for Autoguide.com.

apr 05

Aloha from Maui

April 5, 2011
It has been a real long time since I took a legitimate vacation. Last year January I went to Tokyo, Japan and that was about the closest to a vacation that I've taken in a real long time, despite going there for Autoguide.com to cover Tokyo Auto Salon. Maui is a lot different than what I expected it to be. The speed limit is mainly 45 miles per hour, on the one of the main roads of the island... and everyone drives it.  It took over an hour just go to a measly 30 miles to the hotel. But so far it's been really nice and I'll try to update the blog each day with photos.

View from the 10th story hotel room balcony

So I was one of those people that went nerd crazy when Nintendo announced its 3DS. Obviously I'm a big geek when it comes to anything and everything technology related, and the idea of a glasses-free 3D display intrigued me. I kept up with the news and pre-ordered one with Best Buy as soon as I was able to. Like everyone else that was interested in the 3DS, I read each and every article that was released once the unit got into people's hands. But one thing I refused to do was spoil the system itself by playing a demo unit somewhere. I avoided that at all costs until I was able to pick mine up, which was this morning. I charged the sucker up and picked up two games, Super Street Fighter IV and Ghost Recon Shadow Wars. Yes the launch titles are pretty weak, especially for a Nintendo product, so I went with what the majority of the websites out there recommended were worth the money.

Read my first day impressions after the break.

The Nintendo 3DS is well, simply put, pretty awesome.
mar 24

Rift impressions at level 50

March 24, 2011
Been a little missing in action thanks to Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy and trying to hit level 50 in Rift (and working, of course). But I just wanted to chime in on those that have been asking me my feelings on Rift now that it's been out for a month and I'm level 50. So I figured I'd put up a little post on just random thoughts on Rift as of right now and I promise I'll do a thorough review of the game along with a review of the Xoom sometime in the near future now that I don't have to worry about leveling every night.

Read more about Rift after the break.

Rifting in Rift is actually really fun to do.