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So last week I had to do some computer cleaning, and while rummaging through old hard drives I dug up a lot of old material.  I decided it might be worthwhile to archive some of my stuff online to look back on a period of time where I actually enjoyed photography.  I figured the best place to start would be my first published feature shoot ever: Enjuku Racing's Drag S13.  Back then Modified Mag was somewhat in its infancy, but gaining a lot of ground on the bigger publications like Super Street and Import Tuner.  Ever since I could remember I always wanted to have a feature shoot in a magazine and while working at Enjuku Racing I actually had the opportunity to work my way into one.

Back then drag racing was pretty cool and drifting was just starting to get crazy over in America.  So before Enjuku actually did drifting, they had their drag S13 which was one of the highest horsepower SR20DETs in America on stock block, and probably one of the fastest S13s down the quarter mile.  It was something unique and back in late 2003/early 2004 the whole Nissan S-chassis and SR20 craze was exploding. I contacted Joe Magro at Modified to see if they would be interested, he forwarded the information to Dave Pankew, editor-in-chief at the time, and they gave me the green light to shoot and write the article on the car.

Of course I was completely stoked and the shoot actually consisted of several shoots.  We ultimately got access to a small airport out in Orlando thanks to Paul (RIP) and that's where the majority of the shoot was done.  Obviously looking back it wasn't very good work, but back then I was just super excited to have the opportunity to be published.  So here's some scans of my first ever published feature in Modified Magazine's April 2004 issue.  I intend to ultimately post up every car I've ever shot on this website sometime before I die, giving a little bit of background to each car, its owner and how the shoot went - if I can recall all those details.

I've been dying for a keyboard folio case for the Xoom and ever since someone over at XDA forums posted about it late April I've been keeping my eye on the post for some good news.  Well it came today and figured I'd post up about it for those that aren't aware of the XDA post.  This is the official Motorola Xoom keyboard folio case which includes a built-in Bluetooth keyboard in what looks to be a leather folio case.

To order, I simply called Verizon's Customer Care and got transferred to telephone sales after dealing with some moron that kept asking me what my 10-digit number was on my tablet.  The SKU for it is: MOTMZ600BTCAS and the retail price is $99.99. It looks like they'll throw in free Fedex 2-day shipping, but the rep told me that it ships out of Ontario, CA so there's a good chance I'll see it tomorrow.  I haven't gotten a shipment notification yet, but I'll be sure to post up what I think of the case once I get it (and the keyboard of course).

The original leaked photo of the Motorola XOOM Official Keyboard Folio by Legion over at XDA Developers
Every time I motivate myself to write something on this site, my ADD kicks in and I start browsing other sites and next thing I know I'm too tired or too lazy to do anything or write anything.  But everything is finally settling down and I'm able to refocus on finding some leisure time to hopefully do some writing.  Lots of awesome games to talk about including L.A. Noire and Portal 2, neither of which I've been able to spend a whole lot of time playing.  But hey hopefully I'll turn the corner and start writing some stuff again for fun.  As of now I'm researching for something to replace my Lenovo X200 with.  Macbook Air or Samsung Series 9? 
So yeah, I've been a little missing in action.  Taking a week vacation to Hawaii set me back a bit and then I had family in town which occupied the bulk of my days, leaving nights to work.  But I'm basically caught up now with the exception of Berk Technology's website which is on the schedule to wrap up next week.  So hopefully I'll finally post this review I've been working on for Motorola's XOOM (though I might wait for the keyboard folio), in addition to some thoughts on the re-resurrection of Mortal Kombat, how Final Fantasy IV's Complete Collection on PSP is and Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy.  Haven't had a chance to get The 3rd Birthday yet, but I will sooner or later.  Also need to start investing some hours into Portal 2 to see what the craze is all about.

As for websites, we're proud to announce that we've done whole new sites for both Mazworx and Chase Bays and am currently working on a new website for Berk Technology, VQ Swap and Wheel Warehouse.  It'll be a busy couple of months but we're continuing to expand our portfolio.

I also made the Carpenters a wedding album with the photos that I had taken in Hawaii for their wedding.  I am by no means a wedding photographer and I never claim to enjoy shooting anything that breathes.  But if anyone is interested in my services as a wedding photographer, feel free to contact me, I may be interested in doing it if the price is right.

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May 1, 2011
Much respect to those that pulled off the feat that they did and nailing a head shot on Osama bin Laden. It's a shame that they'll probably never be publicly recognized (understandably so) but hopefully one day some details are released on what went down. It's the least they can do to give some credit to all those that have participated in the war over the past decade. I must say, it's a little surreal to witness history that decades from now will be recorded in books and quite possibly marked as a very significant event in American history.

And am I the only one that thinks we shouldn't even bother with a 2012 election? I find it hard to believe Obama won't get re-elected now.