feb 28

PS Vita

February 28, 2012
I'll write something more detailed sooner or later on the Vita, maybe.  But Xellopollex and Rawrity are both my gaming buddies for many years, and clearly we're nerds (I'm Grimmemo).  Those are world rankings out of everyone that has purchased Lumines Electronic Symphony for the new PS Vita. I'm not as cool as them though, they've both scored 9,999,999 and I've only managed 7.5 million.  But I'll hit that 9,999,999 number sooner or later.

feb 06

Wow. Woops!

February 6, 2012
Wow it's been a while since I've been on here huh?  Sometime after I got back from my trip to Europe I went into full work mode, concentrating on paying off some bills before the New Year.  Next thing I know it's 2012 and now it's February.  I've been fortunate enough to keep myself very busy the last few months, writing up a storm over at Autoguide.com while working on multiple website projects.  A couple of the sites are set to go live before the end of this month, while two of the bigger projects will be done in a couple of months or so.  I'll be sure to post up who they are as soon as I can make them public.

In the toys department I got myself a Kinect for my Xbox 360 which I've played about three times due to my busy schedule, picked up a bunch of games during Black Friday / Cyber Monday, the majority of which are still unopened.  Made myself a Sith Juggernaut in Star Wars The Old Republic (I'll probably find some real time and write a review on that shortly) and right now I'm going through Final Fantasy XIII-2.  I always seem to find time to play a Final Fantasy game, which is strange considering I had Skyrim for about two months and logged only three hours on that so far.  I still haven't beaten Xenoblade Chronicles yet, but I plan on finishing that as soon as I'm done with FFXIII-2.

I also left Sprint and the world of QWERTY phones for the new Galaxy Nexus on Verizon.  So far I love the phone and Ice Cream Sandwich is just great.  It's still taking a bit to get used to the fact that I don't have a full QWERTY on the phone, but it was worth the switch.

Oh yeah, I read the Hunger Games Trilogy in about four days.  For those that haven't had the chance to read the three books, you should.  They're great reads and I really look forward to the movies.

I'll work on updating this more frequently now that two websites for the most part are completed!
Took me about 10 hours to put together the 1,736 piece model.  

Off to SEMA tomorrow, but will hopefully have some time to update the blog with photos from my trip through Europe!

sep 16

Yeah I couldn't help myself

September 16, 2011
They had me at individually-numbered (of 3,000).

Special thanks to: RJ de Vera at Meguiar's/Wraptivo, Josh at Daley Visual, Jin at Kyoei USA, Nick at Falken Tire, Brian at Infinite Auto Design, Logan at Work Wheels, HKS, Josh at Gurnade, Unique Fabrication, Wheel Warehouse

Been busy doing a ton of work since I'll be leaving town September 22nd to October 10th.  Here's some new projects/websites that were recently launched:

Nextage Team Realty to promote their real estate team in Northern Florida (Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra, Orange Park, St. John's) and Careers at Nextage.

A buddy of mine, Cesar, needed a simple website to promote his parents' Tamales company, TaTiana's Tamales.  It's a pretty basic, single page site with the info they needed to promote their product.  Nothing fancy, just simple and functional.

We are also currently working on a whole new website for Enjuku Racing and Wheel Warehouse.  But those will probably be shown off sometime after I get back.

I also been burning whatever free time I have working on a custom Starcraft 2 map called Party on Outhouse Protectors (poop!).  It recently launched in Beta and has been receiving decent traffic on US Battle.net, so if you play Starcraft 2 be sure to check it out.  It's a Tug of War map set on your typical MOBA/DotA/LOL/HON map with heroes and what not.  Instead of items, you get enhancements, allowing you to upgrade your hero while out on the battle field.  You also get a builder to instantly build structures that add units to your spawn.  Lastly, a little bit of a strategy element got thrown in by adding four vespene geysers on the map which adds bonus minerals to everyone on your team.  It's been serving great to forcing hero fights as teams protect their investment.  I've only been doing bug fixes since its launch on 9/2, but I hope to work on some more heroes and enhancements when I get back along with some more balance tweaks.  Hopefully it gets popular.  We're working on a website for that too in whatever spare time we have, it'll be at www.playpoop.com - but nothing's there yet!

Oh yeah, I've also been playing Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii.  Amazing game and it's a complete shame that people have to go through hoops of hacking their Wii and importing a copy just to enjoy it since Nintendo of America doesn't want to bring it to the States.  Completely missing out, one of the best JRPGs I've played in a long time, and I've played a lot of them.
aug 28

Camilla and Jordan

August 28, 2011
To be wed on October 14th, 2011.

It seems like decades since I went to Concours d'Elegance, one of the most exquisite shows I've ever attended. The location is just ridiculous and back then I was still impressed by seeing Ferraris and Lamborghinis and other exotics littered all across the lawn. But things have changed since then, and Concours d'Elegance is now a place to show off all the world's finest automobiles, including classics and debuts. Lexus chose to debut their newest GS body at Pebble Beach, after much anticipation, teasers and speculation on what it would look like.  There were high hopes surrounding the new GS and now it's just a matter of whether or not people believe Lexus delivered.

Lexus will be accompanying the GS 350 with a hybrid and F Sport models, due to hit dealerships in early 2012 as 2013 models.  When I first saw the leaked teaser photos I was a little bit on the fence with how it looked, but it's starting to grow on me with these released photos.  For the most part I like the front end design, a little more streamlined and sporty from the previous generations.  I was never a huge fan of how the headlights were on the older models, but can definitely get behind these.  My big complaint on the model is in the design of the rear, where it almost seems like Lexus designers got tired or bored or had to meet some sort of deadline and just went cookie cutter.  It doesn't really scream GS style and in fact leans more towards "I'm a Corolla" or ES-model other than the exhaust finishers.

I can't wait to check it out in person though, pricing will be interesting to see too. I've always been a huge fan of the GS models but never owned one, perhaps the F Sport one will be enticing.
So I decided to give Apple another try.  Back in 2006, I bought a white Macbook and after a few months of using it, I gave up.  I just couldn't deal with the difference in keyboard shortcuts, and just mainly how everything on Mac OS X was so different than Windows.  Plugging away in front of a PC for over 20 years of your life will do that to you.  But after checking out Samsung's Series 9 and watching these other Macbook Air-wannabes coming out, I decided that the form factor of the Air was just unbeatable.  I anxiously awaited the refresh specs and was satisfied to hear that the 11-inch model would come with an i5 processor, 4GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD.  Off I went to get one from Best Buy last night, taking advantage of quadruple Reward Zone points.

I read a bit on Lion and was actually a little anxious to try it out, despite its influence from iOS.  I'm not a huge fan of iOS' limitations, so I was really curious to see how Apple integrated some of its functionality into a notebook operating system.  Initially I was confused by Lion and within a couple of hours, I couldn't get certain things working (mostly Gallery Remote) so I opted to do a Parallels Windows installation.  This was mainly so I could get blogging done on Autoguide.com efficiently since it was what I was used to.  I figured sooner or later I might abandon OS X (again) and just do a clean Windows install, but I'm starting to *gasp* like it.

There's lots of neat things about Lion that actually fits the way I like to work.  The whole desktop spaces is a pretty cool and actually makes doing things very efficient.  I'm now lead to believe that Mac users don't have a clue what scroll bars are because it's ridiculously amazing how nice this trackpad is for scrolling.  Two finger swiping to go back/forth on pages, three finger swiping to move across desktops.  Everything is just remarkably snappy and quick.  I haven't tested it with Photoshop yet, but since I'm mainly doing light photo editing these days I think this Air will satisfy me for quite a while.

The great thing about the desktop spaces thing is the ability to assign certain applications to certain desktops.  I'm able to relieve my clutter of mess and it's almost like I have multiple monitors on a single laptop.  Not in the way that I have increased functionality, but in the way that I know where everything is and it's easily organized and I can switch on a whim.  No more alt-tabbing through windows until I find the one that I need (since I love working with everything maximized) - I just three finger swipe over to the desktop I know it's on, or launch Mission Control and click on the way I want.  Way cool.

I'm going to guess that for my uses I'm not really missing out on the i7 and I'm perfectly content with a 128GB SSD considering my last Lenovo was 64GB.  So far I'm pretty happy with my purchase, and despite it being such a weird experience in the land of the Lion, I'm finding it pleasantly nice compared to my last Apple Macbook experience.

By the way, Launchpad is horrible.  The whole iOS wannabe interface to choose your applications is just... bad.  I guess it makes sense for all those people that are coming from iPhones and iPads to integrate something like Launchpad to OS X, but it's just silly to me. 

Anyways, sorry for the lack of updates.  Been busy working and finishing up some sites.  Recently launched is Track One Motorsports (which doesn't have any product yet) and a website for Stacia Deutsch, a NY Times best selling author.  I've also started a project making a custom Starcraft2 map that took up most of my free time the last couple of weeks.  I recently recruited some help to do the terraining of the map and once that's completed I'll be back on it creating heroes and abilities and hopefully putting the thing into some real beta testing.  The concept of the map will consist of a blend of DoTA (HON, LOL, AoS, whatever the heck you want to call that genre) with Tug of War.  Heroes + items + abilities + buildings to choose what units spawn in your lanes.  So far initial testing was pretty fun.  There's a few things I am working on implementing that will hopefully make it fun despite having bad or inexperienced players on your team... and other strategic points that will hopefully change how the game is played.  I'll be posting more about it when it gets into a better beta phase, including it's name which I'm really proud of.